Monday, August 14, 2006

Ok, ok. Because of the overwhelming requests (well, actually only one) I have decided to post again. Mind you, there aren't any pictures.

It is Monday and we are scheduled to leave this Friday. We are sad but very excited. Washington DC is a wonderfully vibrant city. Every American can find their root here in this city. It has been an amazing! We are a bit nervous. With the events of last week (London foils terrorist's plot to explode airplanes headed to the US) security is tight here in the states. No liquids are allowed on carry-ons. Only necessary medication and baby formula and stuff. All of these things will be screened as well. With Maya, it is going to be quite an adventure getting through airport security with her entourage of afternoon snacks and drinks that get her (and mom) through the day sanely.

Now, the main thing is getting all of our things packed up and all of the food eaten before we leave. Oh, and also, not leaving DC with a few extra passengers (DC roaches) that will not be welcomed back at home!

Hopefully, we can get this blog up and running with interesting posts. We hope that when we get pictures developed (yes, you remember the term?) we can get them scanned here so you can see what we saw in DC!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hi, This is my Blog. It is very boring right now because I have not had any time to post any cool pictures and stuff. But stay tooned for more exiting fun. Someday I will get this thing up and running.